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Marrying my cousin but she had a breast milk from my mother

I want to marry my cousin, but she sucked my mom’s breast milk when she was 1. Can I still marry her?

Istikhara said yes but I don’t want to marry him

My family is pressurising me to say yes. They are telling me that you won’t find anyone else and it’s better that you marry him because no one would marry you.

Please do Istikhara for me and my cousin

i want to do istakhara for me and one of my beloved cousins because we are facing many problems due to the rejection of our marriage.

I am pregnant and he married other one

I am a non muslim woman had a relation with a muslim guy few years back. At the start of our relation, we are so happy and marriage is only what we need. I have also considered converting though I´m taking my time to do it …

We shared breast milk as children, can we marry?

I have an important question to ask. I am wondering if I’m able to marry my cousin. When we were toddlers I drank my aunt’s breast milk by accident thinking it was my mom.

I love my cousin but she had a previous relationship

About 7 years ago my parents decided that they would marry me with my cousin and they also told her parents but it was just between them and us, i mean it was just verbally. I was happy because i loved her very much and i think she too loved me. But after some time something happened and i came to know that she had a relationship with another person. after that i was too depressed, then i leave all this and was concentrating on my studies but my mother insists me to marry her.