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Father won’t accept my non-muslim boyfriend

I need a witness for marriage but my dad won’t accept him.

Give charity to marry a non-Muslim?

My brother wants to marry a non-Muslim. If my parents give charity in his name will that help?

Second marriage for both of us… however I’m Christian

I could not bear the possibility of not seeing him again… I don’t accept that we cannot be together…

Can we do two Nikkahs?

In this case is it okay for me and this girl to do nikka and do another one after I finish school in front of my parents?

Why is it haram if we love each other?

Nothing in my Christian faith says that I can not marry the woman I love, why is it such a horrible thing in Islam for us to be together?

What should I do with this non-Muslim guy who loves me?

He fooled me for eight months into thinking he was Muslim and tried to start a relationship.

Abandoned twice and heartbroken

I am sharing my story so that people can learn from my past and mistakes…

Can a ‘converted’ Muslima marry a non-Muslim man?

As far as I was aware, a Muslima cannot marry outside of ISLAM. Is that true? I was under the impression, that only applied, if you were BORN a Muslim and your family was Muslim?

Can I marry an older, non-Muslim divorcee?

I am 23 year Muslim boy and since 7 months I am in love relation with a 33 year old non Muslim divorced girl.

Abandoned by my non-Muslim husband

How can I divorce or free myself? I intend to remarry if given a chance.