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Wife is avoiding sex during pregnancy, I am frustrated

i am sexually active male but as my wife is pregnant she avoided me and remain away from me and now it is irritating.


How do I make my husband desire me?

My husband and I have not had physical relations in about four months – in the last year we have been together twice maybe. My husband works long hours and we don’t really spend much time together anymore.

Married to Avoid zinaa, now in a loveless marriage

I got married because of hating zina, I just got married to a girl I did not love before, just to save myself from zina, I had never been in love with anyone because those I could love never loved me, and those who could love me I had no love for.

Husband is not interested in sex

My husband loves me very much, but he is not interested in sex. We got married 1 year ago. We have not contacted in sex since 10 months. When I ask him about it nicely, he is saying that next week he will start.