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Cannot contact her family, can she marry me?

She cannot go back to country,  met her family and can’t communicate because of some political issues. It’s also impossible for me to meet her family or communicate about marriage (take their permission).

Marriage without wali?

My mum refused his proposal saying that “you’re Indian”… Can we get marry because I can’t live without him and same as he?

Her wali opposed nikah for non-Islamic reasons

Her family are saying that our Nikah is Haraam… They won’t let her stay with me.

Parents are not accepting my new marriage

Last month we got our nikkah done in his house with his family by a Hafiz, and Alhamdulillah we are now husband and wife. I have never been so happy or felt so complete in my life, BUT there’s one pain in my heart and that is my parents not giving their consent and not trying to do what lies in my happiness.

How can I legalize my secret marriage?

I am a hanaf’i guy and I married a hanafi girl. The marriage took place without the knowledge of the walis of both parties.

I learnt that secret marriage is haram, how do I wait until I am established?

I have married secretly 2 years ago and since then we are living with our respective family other than living together because we live in two different states of my country. only recently we get to know that performing marriage without informing parents is haram, in the eyes of Islam.

I’ve been hiding my marriage from my family for years and I can’t take it anymore

I married secretly with my husband. None of my family knew, but his relatives knew. After a year i had courage to tell my mum and sisters, but my dad and brother still don’t know. i have said i’m at university for 4 years but really i’m married and living with my husband. He is muslim reads namaz (prays) etc, but is of a different caste, so my dad will never accept him, plus my dad is a heart patient i cant take risk of upsetting him. so i have to lie to dad and brother that im still studying.