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Husband won’t have sex

Sometimes I just cry because what is a marriage without sexual intimacy?

Dating advice.

I don’t wanna get into a relationship unless I’m sure. But I really like this guy…

Stuck in a complicated situation

My senses tell me to move on but I am hesitant.

I haven’t heard from my muslim husband in days

Earlier this week he dropped me off at my mom’s house. The ride there he told me to trust him and I’d understand later.

She had sex before marriage

If I were to forget this and forgive her will God be able to do the same thing? Can I get even married to this girl in the ways of Islam anymore?

Duas to solve the family problems and to get the loved one as my husband

I sincerely want to get married to him but at first my family problems should be solved.

His parents won’t let him marry me

He can’t marry me unless he marries who his parents want and then marries me. I told him it does not work like that!

Re-marrying a Muslim man, after separating from an abusive Christian husband: Haram or Halal

Being a new revert, I wanted to make sure that it is not haram, to enter into a new marriage without having to annul my marriage with my legal husband.

Not feeling it

I’ve been married for over 4 years now and I don’t feel happy with my married life.

Seeking advice for my confusion

I trusted my wife fully but when she is telling me still she is not accepting me as a husband… I hurt deeply….