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Allah please make my parents to understand me

His parents have accepted us, but my parents are not even willing to talk with his parents.

Istikhara interpretation

I am doing istikhara for marriage. Please advise me on the interpretation of my dream.

Should I choose to marry and keep parents happy now even though it would create big problems later?

 I know my parents are going to be hurt if i choose the man i want but I’m sure it will save a lot of bigger problems later on in life.

Married girl masturbating

My husband has no interest in me. I miss sex.

Wife Denied for Sex

I ask my wife for sex but she denies or act like she don’t have any intentions related to sex.

Husband refuses to move out.

I love my husband. I don’t want to leave him, all I’m asking for is our own place.

Hard time dealing with Married Life

I did istikhara before deciding to tie a knot. And I initially consider everything will of Allah. It is getting worse now.


Please help me understand whether the person we will marry is chosen by Allah or is it a part of our free will?

Girl is not accepting marriage proposal

She refused that she cannot marry because I am not from her country.

Should I marry a man 16 years older

If I like everything else about him and think we are compatible should I ignore what my family say about age?