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Is it haram to keep in contact with an ex in an Islamic marriage?

I’m in a marriage with a good women but I have a problem with her keeping in contact with exes I was wondering if it was haram and should I not feel some way about an ex that she has no ties to? Truebeliever1

Does my future husband have to know I was intimate with my first husband?

After 1 year of our nikah we had intimacy secretly… I am divorced now – can I hide this from my future husband?

Sex in open place…

Can we do sex in some open space where we are sure no one is looking?

Is it impossible for us to do nikah?

My parents are saying that we would never be able to get married in Islam because I have committed zina with him while being in nikah with someone else.

I think I love someone online instead of being a married woman

I think I really love my husband and I don’t want to betray to him. But I can’t control my mind to the man online… I always think about to go to his country and live with him.

Divorced in anger – is it valid?

The imam of the local mosque told me that it depends whether my husband from his heart wanted the divorce or not when he was in the state of extreme anger…?

Haq Meher on nikkah without Rukhsati

I want to divorce my wife, there is no rukhsati… Can I claim my haq mahar back?

How to perform istikhara for divorce?

I love my husband very much but the problems are such that nothing seems strong enough to go on with the marriage, everything goes against our marriage.

My husband can’t accept the past… My life is falling apart…

He said terrible things. That maybe I could have some disease from that guy because I slept with him, that he is scared how will I raise our daughter… He has serious problems and I am scared what to do.

She lied to me about being a virgin

I question why she lied to me in the first place? I repeatedly told her how I hate Zina and my intentions to marry a chaste woman.