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Can a girl who prays marry a guy who doesn’t pray?

Is it permissible in any condition to marry a girl who pray 5 times to a person who don’t pray 5 times?

We’ve had a baby & he keeps promising to marry me, but won’t

I was raised Catholic, converted to Islam for my “fake” husband. I have known him for years, and actually divorced my previous husband for him. I have 2 kids from that marriage, he first said he never wanted kids so I kept breaking up with him and he kept pursuing me. He promised to marry me and wanted a baby. I got pregnant and we all moved in together when the baby was born.

I’m a christian boy fallen in love with pakistani girl

I’m a Christian boy hailing from asia.

I have fallen in love with a pakistani girl.

I want to marry her.

I am Shia Muslim, I met a Christian married woman on the internet

I meet with a girl on a net, she is Christian and married before and still she is not divorced.

Muslim / Buddhist Dating

There is this girl i really like. She just so happens to be a converted devout to Islam. I just so happen to be a somewhat Atheist Buddhist.

Boyfriend’s parents won’t accept me

My best friend introduced me to her cousin as she knew i wanted to find the right man to settle down with (I know realise this was not the right way now and Allah swt says things for our own benefit now). We started talking and after 6months became boyfriend and girlfriend.

My world fell apart after a negative Istikhara

I had been engaged to the love of my life for two years. Everything was going well and we were about to get married in 3 months. All of a sudden some really minor issues came up and the engagement was broken by the boys’ side over a phone call. In a couple of days they realized that was wrong and did istikhara. He got a dream tht no-one could interpret. Then his mother did it for a day and no dream, then they asked a maulvi to do it. The maulvi asked our names and the names of our parents and gave the answer about a day later that its negative.

My parents rejected the boy I love because of his looks and financial status

I’m in love with this practising muslim boy but my parents would not accept him because they think he’s not good enough for me in terms of looks and his financial status. I’m truly in love with him and wish my parents would see that.

His parents have rejected my proposal because I do not pray

My parents are happy for me to marry the muslim I want to marry but his parent are now not happy.

Their reasons are: ‘I don’t pray’. What shall I do?

We chatted online and he fell in love with me

I met this boy in a chatroom 6 months ago. We started to appreciate each other. We can’t meet cause we aren’t in the same country. He’s Black and im Arab which doesn’t ease things. And now he likes me alot and want to marry me.