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Marrying a girl of scripture

Do I have to ask her to convert? Can my parents force me to leave her?

Can I use the money of my wife?

I am going to marry a Christian wife. She promised to take me with her to USA… till she gets me in USA can I use her money as help, as a gift?

I want to marry a Christian Roman Catholic girl

Can I marry her in islamic centre and will this be a registered marriage?

Can a christian woman be taken as a second wife?

…if he has already performed Nikah Mutah but wants permanent marriage?

Can Muslim Men Marry with Christian lady with all respect?

Assalam o Alaikum, Can Muslim Men Marry with Christian lady with all respect? Please advise me in the light of Quran and Sunnah. She respects all the points of islam and is showing interest in Islam. Jazakallah, -muhammad farhan                        

how do muslims marry a non-muslim?

I just told her that we muslims are allowed to marry christians, so she must have to perform the marriage the way of our islam- the way of a muslim- so that she can be my wife and I can be her husband. It’s just for me to make sure that she is my wife, and I would follow her way of marriage so that she can be sure that I am her husband, and she agreed with it.

What is the requirement for getting married to a Christian lady

As far as I know being a Muslim boy I am allowed to marry a Christian girl however I need to double check it and I would like to know what are the basic requirements.

He did a fake conversion to marry me

I love a Christian man who is not ready to convert to Islam and marry me. I told him to convert just on paper in the court and remain a Christian at heart. I thought one day he would be open to Islam, looking at me pray and practice Islam

жениться на христианке (She wants to convert, can I marry her?)

I am a Muslim, I want to marry a Christian woman but she also wants to take Islam. My parents are against. Can I marry her?