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True love with few complications help out!!!!

It’s not easy to convince my parents because of his past religion and other city.

How can we convince his parents to accept our marriage?

His parents are not happy and not accepting despite knowing that I will be converting and embrace Islam… I am confused and in the same time felt I have been judged even before they actually know me.

Want to marry a convert

During our project meetings, I got to know him more and realized what a good and respectful guy he is. He has so much potential in life, and in my eyes he’s very unique. He never approached me outside of our meetings and I always wondered why (since I knew he had a “crush” on me).

Marrying a converted Muslim

He has been very serious about the relationship since day one, but the problem here is that he is a converted Muslim. Well, he is not recently converted- it’s been like 10, 15 years. But his family background is christian. He left his family because of his change of religion.

I want to marry a non- muslim girl

I want to marry Hindu girl. We are in love with each other, and she wants to become a muslim from the heart and accepts to do namaz, roja, learn quran; but refuses to eat beef. Iis it good or a sin? Please tell me, as no one is accepting this from my or her family. […]

Can he convert without getting circumcized?

He asked his parents for circumcision but they denied it and suggested for us to do a registered marriage under a special act so I can remain Muslim. My parents are not accepting this. So I want to convert him to a muslim without circumcision.

Should I run away from home?

My parents are not ready to understand this, and he has to deal with his family too. Now I am just planning to run away from my home…should I? My father forgave me and he felt guilty for what he did. He tried to give me love, but I got annoyed because he makes me eat or makes me sit when I don’t want to. Should I leave my family and just go?

Marrying a converted Muslim girl

If I marry her my parents wont forgive me. And if I don’t marry, I am afraid that Allah won’t forgive me for not helping a converted Muslim. I tried my best to convince my parents, but they are concerned about society and not allowing us to marry.

Islamic ruling on talking to non-Muslim ex

I am finding this hard to understand that he is even considering it as i am sure there are specific Islamic rulings on such things but if possible can anyone advise me as i do fear that if he continues to go along and play her games then it will cause Fitnah in my marriage.

Why shouldn’t a Muslim girl marry a Hindu man converted to Islam?

Why does a Muslim girl’s family make such a problem if she wants to marry a man who converted to Islam from Hinduism?