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Can I marry my ‘second cousin once removed’?

Is it allowed in our religion and if yes, how positive it is in this case…?

I chose to marry a cousin in haste, now I regret it!

In haste, and with my own voice, I agreed to get engaged to my mum’s brother’s son. Everyone was happy, jealous, sad and excited. The engagement took place, but I wasn’t happy. I could have said something sooner, but seeing everyone happy made me hesitate. I thought I could grow to like the fiancee, but I was so wrong- though I tried.

Violent husband who has trust issues

He has slapped me, mentally hurt me, and hit me a couple of times too. He has apologized for his behavior, but he ends up doing it again and says that it’s all my fault. I’m fed up now. I’m not sure what to do. I’m stuck inside the house and even then I’m pounded!

Getting crushed between love and family, need serious help

I was really good friends with one of my cousin and soon we fell in love with each other , we are best friends and my family found out and they are not approving to this relationship …My whole life is shattering, even though I am only 18 but I feel like I will never be happy again, I want to make my family happy and Allah happy too.

I don’t want to marry my cousin!

I am in trouble. My parents wants me to marry my cousin, they planned this 5yrs before and I refused my mother but he is my mother’s nephew that is why she wanted this wedding so much and she didnt tell my father that I refused for this shaadi(wedding). I studied in co-education and I created a dream-land that which type of guy I wana marry.. Thats why i always refused my cousin because hes not the guy i wanted.

Is it permissible in Islam to marry my grandmother’s sister’s daughter’s daughter?

Is it permissible in Islam to marry my grandmother’s sister’s daughter’s daughter?

Me -> My grandmother -> My grandmothers sister (say GMS)-> GMS daughter -> GMS daughters daughter.

I got emotionally blackmailed into marrying my cousin

i went with family to pakistan to help my sisters get married. but whilst i was there i got emotionally blackmailed into marrying my aunties daughter. but i was already in a relationship with someone for 6 yea