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Converted to Islam from Hinduism, but girlfriend’s parents don’t accept me

I converted from Hinduism to Islam to marry my Muslim girlfriend. We stopped all sins. But her parents will not agree.

About to convert to Islam, but lost my Muslim boyfriend

The boyfriend is still texting me and i don’t know what to do. My conversion appointment is next week and i have asked two other close friends to be my witnesses instead.

I converted to Islam, but no Muslim man will accept me

I converted to Islam but not Muslim family will accept me.

Christian woman and Pakistani Muslim man – Should I Proceed?

He said he can’t marry me because I’m Christian, then he changed his mind. I’m not sure whether to proceed.

Do I have to convert to Islam to marry Pakistani guy?

He wants to marry me after he finishes his studies. Do I need to convert?

I want to marry the love of my life, but I’m Hindu

Hi all, I’m dying to marry this girl who is a Muslim. As per her, in order to marry her I need to accept Islam first because I am a Hindu. I know that fact already. My confusion here is that though the girl says that she is a true believer of Islam, at times I […]

Should I repeat the Istaikhaarah as the Dream I had was after Fajr?

I would like to tell you a bit about my views. I m very pessimistic from start. I could harldy imagine that things will go in my favour. couple of months ago I also saw few dreams which scared me more, in one i saw him geting married with someone else and saying me ‘see i made you fool’

Should I get back together with my Muslim boyfriend?

I dated a Muslim guy for four years. We would go out/clubbing, we were intimate, he smoked, drank alcohol, he didn’t pray 5x per day, etc., and none of his family members were aware of this.

Catholic as second wife to Muslim?

I was sent abroad by my company for an Exchange Program. Before I left my country, me and my then boyfriend (also a Catholic) were already discussing about getting married. While abroad, I met this guy (also a participant of the Program and from another country, Muslim, married with kids). From the start, I already got attracted to him because he’s undeniably good looking.