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Muslims man marry to a Christian girl

Tell me the all procedure. How we can marry and how we register.

He’s already married, can I accept his proposal?

He has asked a few times for marriage but I do not know what to say. I do want to keep him…

A muslim girl and christian guy?

We plan to get married. How should I break it to my parents?

Advice and prayers regarding marriage

I am seeing a man raised in a Sikh family. This man practices many of the teachings of Islam. However, he does not want to revert to Islam. We want to get married.

I’m Muslim and I’m going to marry a Hindu boy…

Will I be buried or cremated after my death?

She wants to leave because of the dog

She has recently informed me that she and I can not continue our relationship in any serious manner because I have a small dog that I keep as a pet, stating that it is not allowed in her religion. I was unaware of this, but as this is the case, I am wondering what can be done for us.

Non Muslim woman married to a Muslim man who is cheating her

I am a non Muslim but have been married to a Muslim for 17 yrs and have 3 beautiful children together. I have lived the lifestyle and respected the faith for my husband and my children as they are being brought up Muslim. I am a working mum and wife as is my husband.

How can I convince my Buddhist girlfriend to be Muslim?

I am seeking advice on how I can guide my non-Muslim girlfriend to Islam. Her background is Buddhist, but she doesn’t believe at all about Buddhism. Even though so, I tried to let her know about Islam, (although ashamedly I am not a good Muslim), but she only has bad impressions on it (as of news). She said she does believe in God, willing to let our future kids to learn Islam, but she herself doesn’t want to do all the praying etc.

I’m in love and want to marry him, but he’s made no effort to contact me.

Last year, I was working at a local restaurant and fell in love with a non-muslim man I met there. I quit my job and went through a whole lot of crazy business; the short of the long involves jinns, stress and bad health, which may have been mental. The problem is, after I had quit, I realised I really loved this man and I wanted to marry him but my mother and my aunt and basically everyone was against it. I know that in Islam, a woman cannot marry a non muslim and you have to have a guardians permission and I never asked my father, but isn’t it through God that I met him?

He made no effort to contact me but I can’t stop thinking about him. Should I let my mother choose a marriage partner for me? Or should I wait and keep praying for him?

Can a Muslim woman marry a non-Muslim man if she controls the family?

Is it allowed in Islam for a Muslim woman to marry a Christian man? If the non-Muslim man acknowledges the Prophet Mohammed (asws) as the final prophet and Islam as the last completing religion, and prophet Issa (asws) is Allah’s messenger and not his son, is that enough without the need to convert to Islam?