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True love with few complications help out!!!!

It’s not easy to convince my parents because of his past religion and other city.

Should I Get To Know Him?

We don’t live in the same country and I would like to get to know him first before I tell my parents, but how?

Marriage in Dubai… can we go ahead?

As she was a christian when she married to a christian man…. but now she is muslim (mashallah) so her past marriage is already finished or not?

Parents don’t want me to get married because his family is non-Muslim

My mom doesn’t accept him because his family is non-Muslim… My mom mentions about a hadith that says that we must make sure the family is a good family and that includes being a Muslim.

He is Muslim but his family is still Christian…

… Does that mean I’m not allowed to marry him?

Want to marry a revert but family won’t accept..

My family won’t accept it due to culture and what other people would think! What do I do?

I married a revert in secret, now my mother is not agreeing

I have married to a muslim boy who is converted to islam but as he was hindu and was married with hindu girl before converting to islam, but now he has divorced her and we have got married

I love a revert, but my parents want me marry a non-Religious man

I do not know what to do because I really want to marry this guy, but the guy my dad wants me to marry is some rich doctor that smokes. My mom does not want me to marry this revert because he is Filipino. She wants me to marry someone from the country, a Palestinian.

I received a proposal from a Christian women who converted to Islam, shall I accept it?


My name is Gowher I am a 27 year old boy. I had interaction with a Christan girl by the grace of Allah she got converted to islam, she is 33 year old. She proposed me for marriage.

Catholic converting to Islam, but my mother in law will not accept me

I am 21 years old and I have been with my boyfriend who is Muslim for two years now. For the first year of my relationship with him my family did not know about him because they would not have approved. Through out that year I fell in love with him and decided to move out of my parents house.