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My sister in law is alone

I was thinking to get her in my life to give her a good life same as my wife. Is there any way in Islam to help her?

Can I marry my wife’s widowed sister?

My wife’s brother-in-law expired due to illness. Can I marry her widow sister to support her?

Can my father marry my mother’s sister?

My Mother has passed away and i don’t know whether it is allow or not for my father to marry to my mother’s sister (my aunt). Please describe in detail.

Can I marry my wife’s younger sister?

I have my wife. But we cannot get a baby. We have done all necessary check-up with different specialist doctors and physically I have no problem. All the doctors have done treatment of my wife but the problem could not be solved. On the other hand my wife has her own younger sister who is also suffering from the most unhappy conjugal married life and she has already a daughter. But she wants to get rid of her unhappy conjugal life.