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Husband does not take son to masjid

i cannot handle the fact that we have so many trials and tribulations in our lives at the moment and my husband does not take me seriuosly when i say to him to turn his direction to the masjid. i have a 12 year old son and i find it difficult that i should take this resposibilty when my husband is of sound body and mind and very capable of going to the masjid and taking our son. ..

The man I want to marriage hasn´t spoken to his father about me

I have a little problem which has caused a lot of confusion on my part. I have been a Muslim all of my life, but was raised with a Catholic mother due to my parents being divorced. I started to go to the masjid two years ago by myself and made some friends there. These girls that I’ve made friends with always talked about this one guy and I’ve never seen him before.

Can I get a certificate to prove I am Muslim?

I am so grateful to you who are able to give a reply to my queries especially sister z. It was so very valuable that i keep reading your advice daily which gives me a lot of confidence. As i mentioned earlier i had embraced islam 5 years back and still following it with love and sincerity.