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I can’t seem to have interest in my wife

I am recently married. I don’t feel any arousing for wife. But when I watch any video having female in it I easily arouse and masterbate.

Too shy to tell my dad that I want to get married

I am a student, am 22 years old and I want to get married but am too shy to tell my father.

I want to repent & do ghusl, as I have masturbated, watched lesbian porn & my family is cursed by black magic

I’m a 15 year old Girl, I live in the UK and used to live in a place where there was hardly any Muslims. A few years back i started watching porn and I started masturbating, not sticking anything, just rubbing. I masturbated over lesbian porn but I am not a lesbian. I know these are VERY bad things to do and ive stopped watchin the lesbian porn and ive stopped masturbating but sometimes i still watch porn-normal porn.