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Saw my father dead again in a dream, what does it mean?

I saw my deceased father died again in a dream. I was reciting astaghfirullah loudly when I woke up.

Dream about forgetting some ayat al kursi verse

I saw a dream that my 6 years old child was calling me to see something. I then placed my hands on her face n felt something bad/evil.

In love but my Mum says no

His family came to my house to ask for my hand but my mum said no straight away without even getting to know the family. He decided he still ain’t going to leave me and we can work something out.. so we decided to do istikhara…

confusing istikhara dream

i have seen that both of us travelling in a car and looked outside the window. he is on one window and i m on other. and one rose between us. kindly tell me the meaning of it.