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Married to an educated but verbally abusive man

Married to a highly educated person, who is angel in eyes of others is a mental torturer for me. Has no sympathy towards me not even on humanitarian basis.

Family guilting and beating me for fighting for my rights.

When I tried to tell my dad not to touch me very calmly and respectfully, my sisters all turned to me and said “It’s okay…he’s my dad and can do whatever he wants.”

I’m taking my daughters and leaving my husband….for good?

He loses his temper and hits me… I’m ready to pack up my girls and go.

Married and divorced all in 3 years

I need to be happy but I don’t know how to do so.

I do not want to go to Jannah anymore because I am discouraged and feel guilty

“None of you believes till he loves a brother for himself”. What if you do not feel that way about a Muslim?

Husband’s lies are mental abuse

He lied about his previous wives and children. I am so upset and mad. I don’t know how to stop thinking about it.

Considering ending my marriage…

My dilemma is whether I should leave my husband for his mental abuse. I feel that this is not a healthy relationship.

Living with abusive mother for 25 years

As-Salamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatuallahu Wa Barakatuh,  For the past 25 years I’ve been living in a household that was emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive. My mother -May Allah SWT reward her- has been through a lot, but with that being said she has done a lot to me that damaged me pretty bad. I was always […]

Physical, emotional and financial abuse… Is this what an Islamic marriage is meant to be like???

I wanted to learn more about Islam by his example… I was held prisoner in his parent’s home. He punched and kicked me everywhere, saying he would make sure I never conceive a baby. It took weeks for my bruises to heal and I have permanent scarring on my eye.

Broken and depressed

I’m 19 years old and I have gone through emotional, physical and sexual abuse. My sexual abuse staryed at the age of 10. My parents had seperated and my mother took us to pakistan, we were there for 3 months. During the last month and a half my mother’s brother started to abuse me although I kept quiet at first.