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My husband wants to divorce me because I won’t leave my sister

I’m suffering from Mental illness and Eating disorder. Since im marrid with him his problem is my sis who lives few miles away. She doesn’t follow Islam. But when i was in need of help she was there for me who stopped her work when i was in the hospital.

Divorced while pregnant and now a single Mum in depression

I had fight with my husband, and told him that I loved him so much but I take divorce so easy. I said I want divorce. At that time I didn’t know that was pregnant so we were apart for 6 months , and then he formally divorced me while I was pregnant and married another girl.

I found out my husband has psychosis just 1 month before marriage

A little introduction about me – I’m 25yr old born bred in the UK and have been married for 1 yr and 3 months now. My husband is my mother’s sister’s son – we are first cousins – our marriage was arranged. I initially had refused the proposal when I was younger but was blackmailed into it and felt like I should give it a shot if this is what my parents want.

Deceived and cheated by my wife’s parents into marrying their daughter with psychological disorder

Mine was an arranged marriage. My parents got to know about the lady I married through a marriage bureau and my parents liked the family as well as the lady who I later got married to. Prior to my engagement and marriage, I was also given couple of opportunities to interact with the lady and we met three or four times to talk and know about each other like any other people who would want to know a little bit more to make a decision at a personal level . In the meantime, my parents and I did the background check about the lady and everything appeared to be alright. Finally we got married.

After a period of 16 months of my marriage, I was drained to the point that I consulted a counselor. What came out was shocking for me – the lady that I had married had a long history of psychological illness. I discovered that she is suffering from an illness called Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), since her teens.

I’m in love and want to marry him, but he’s made no effort to contact me.

Last year, I was working at a local restaurant and fell in love with a non-muslim man I met there. I quit my job and went through a whole lot of crazy business; the short of the long involves jinns, stress and bad health, which may have been mental. The problem is, after I had quit, I realised I really loved this man and I wanted to marry him but my mother and my aunt and basically everyone was against it. I know that in Islam, a woman cannot marry a non muslim and you have to have a guardians permission and I never asked my father, but isn’t it through God that I met him?

He made no effort to contact me but I can’t stop thinking about him. Should I let my mother choose a marriage partner for me? Or should I wait and keep praying for him?