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My father ruined my life

He has been my biggest enemy… I want to escape this guilt and hatred that is building in my heart. Can I do suicide if I want to escape this sin of being disrespectful to my father?


Overcoming guilt over past sins

I was exposed to obscene pornographic content by my uncle… I faced mental torture from a very early age which shut down my conscience, and led me onto the wrong path.

Unsuccessful marriage

He gave me mental torture. He was jobless. His habits are unbearable for me. He lies, he just say he loves me but he does all the things for his children.

Feel lonely with In-laws

I feel extremely lonely in this house. My MIL doesn’t give me half the attention and respect given to her own daughter.

An outside man has made my mom hate me

My mother is having an affair. I love her, but she is acting like an enemy – a step mother…

I am confused unable to take the right decision…O’Allah

I am confused unable to take the right decision…O’Allah