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Parents are not willing to marry me of my own choice

I have explained my parents that I’m already 31 and apart from his anger he doesn’t have any bad habit apparently. But my parents don’t even want to investigate and meet their family.

How do I know if Allah wants me to marry him?

We met online and he asked me to get married. Because of circumstances we cannot meet face to face unless we are going to get married so meeting before we say yes is out of the question.

I need an authentic wazifa or dua for love marriage

Please tell me some dua or wazifa to recite so that my parents get agreed for this online met guy 🙁 this is the only draw back… rest all is positive of his proposal 🙁

After analysis started chatting to a guy who looked suitable but then it ended.

After a few days he told me he was engaged and later that very evening confessed he loved me. Then chatting on and off for 2-3 days he said he was interested in me but since he was engaged he wanted to stop messaging. I can’t get him out of my mind.

We want to get married but his mother won’t agree

We wish to have each other as a spouse for the sake of Allah. My parents and the guy’s father does not have a problem but the guy’s mother did not agree.

I met her online, but her father is blocking the way

We met through a Muslim matrimonial website and everything went well. but now suddenly her father is saying no .. he will not meet me…