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Marrying my cousin but she had a breast milk from my mother

I want to marry my cousin, but she sucked my mom’s breast milk when she was 1. Can I still marry her?

Hadiths about milk siblings

On some websites I’ve read that it is not permissible to marry a foster sister even if she was fed once.

Is my brother all Cousin are his Milk Sister? Can he Marry One who was not born at that time?

Can I marry to my cousin who is 14 month elder than me and my brother marry younger sister?

I want to marry a girl but we have taken the breast milk of our opposite mothers

y parents want me to marry a girl. The girl is a pious muslima. I like her too. But the problem is that she has taken the breast milk of my mother and also I had taken the same from her mother but only once & at the same time but without their husband’s permission. Should we go for marry or not?

Is my Cousin My Milk Sister? Can I Marry Her?

My mother fed her own milk to her sister’s daughter (my cousin) when she was a baby. Now my family wish to marry this cousin.

Can I marry to my cousin, or is she forbidden since my mother breastfed her when she was small?