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I missed obligatory prayers, am I out of Islam?

It has been depressing me so much knowing that I havent offered properly my prayers and it’ll lead me to hell…

depression disorder and salah

My main problem is that I can’t offer salah. Whenever I try to do so, I suffer lot of intense mental pain and pressure, which remains for most of the day- especially when I pray in the mosque. I first used to focus on salah to heal my depression, but I think it worsened my disorder. I want to offer it, but I’m not able to do it.

Trouble with masturbation and studies

Whenever I sit alone I just go to take refuge in online games, so my life is just games and masturbation and nothing else. I am sick of myself and I really hate myself but I am like helpless I can’t do anything at all.

Missing prayers because of work

My name is Mohamed and I am doing my work in the night, I get to bed at around 9.30 am, so most of the time I miss my day time prayer, could you please give me any solution for it.