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I loved him and I miss him

He treated me like a fool. He said he loved me too. Made serious commitments even.

Marriage to the girl I love – out the window

Her mother very quickly shot me down due to my background which was from a single parent family and my family had black magic done on them in the past.

How can I remove my past relationship from my mind?

Actually my problem is that i am a Muslim girl and was in relationship with Hindu guy. At that time i don’t know that this is a very wrong, but as i grow up and come to know that what all i am doing is so worse. I break my relationship…

Being without him is draining my strength to live

I am 20 years old syed girl, I have been in a previous relationshiop with a non syed we are no longer togther due to circumstances and my family not accepting him
but i am still in love with him and have been for the previous 3 years of my life… I am pretty sure that he also loves me and wants us to marry..

Converted to Islam but can’t get over my ex

I converted to Islam very recently but I can’t get over my ex. it’s been 8 months since we are apart but my feelings for him still here… i dont know why i still cant forget him… i still love him & i want him to be back in my life but i dont know how to start a conversation with him.