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Can I divorce my husband without a valid reason?

I have been with my husband for ten years but I cannot “get over” my ex. I feel this is unfair to my husband but I cannot help my feelings!

What does Allah want me to do?

I don’t know that I should wait or not. I want this situation to be cleared. What should I do now?

Missing my husband

Our entire marriage is based on whatsapp.

Is it haram to miss my ex husband?

He divorced me but I get feelings for him every now and then.

Ya Allah help me get him back

Allah has blessed me with good looks and good health and a good university degree i am what many might call “have it all” type of girl yet i feel so empty without him.

My husband left me but I don’t understand if he cheated me or not

Still now I do not forget him, I still love him, I want him back in my life. Everyone hates him. I’m trying but I can’t.

I can’t get over him

I still remember him every single day… I literally cry every night/ morning.