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Help please!!! My husband wants to divorce me

I made a mistake when I was younger before marriage… He won’t forgive me.

What is my mistake?

I prayed a lot but Allah didn’t hear that, because I am born to be a nonmuslim girl.

Is there hope for a marriage?

I am realizing why God has forbidden unlawful relationships. And I am eaten by remorse.

An unhappy marriage

I want to divorce my husband and go to my ex… I want a family with the person I truly love.

My engagement ended over a misunderstanding

I was engaged but now I am not because he left me because of a mistake… on top of this we have 2 children together. What should I do?

I chose to marry a cousin in haste, now I regret it!

In haste, and with my own voice, I agreed to get engaged to my mum’s brother’s son. Everyone was happy, jealous, sad and excited. The engagement took place, but I wasn’t happy. I could have said something sooner, but seeing everyone happy made me hesitate. I thought I could grow to like the fiancee, but I was so wrong- though I tried.

I want to end on good terms with him and move on

I have always tried to be patient and always made dua to Allah for Allah to remove him out of my life and to leave me alone and to move on, but till this day he still talk’s to me. Is there anything I could do? Dua is very strong and powerful, could someone please help me? I can’t take it anymore or stand him anymore, just want this to end on good terms.

I made the biggest mistake of my life and scared Allah will not forgive me for it

I am a 19 year old muslima..but 5 months ago I made the biggest mistake of my life. First i want to tell you what kind of person I am..or was. I am a decent girl, tough I did not grow up in a muslim country I was born and raised in Europe..