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I’m lost on what to do…

I have been with this girl for 2 years… she keeps looking at the stuff I did and judging me for it saying I’m the devil and that I can never change.

Mistakes in the past…

I’ve repented and I just want this issue to go away, I don’t want this to go further or hurt my family.

One lost unhappy soul

I am separated from the man I married… I gave two of my children to him that he takes care of and the youngest one lives with me…

I’m a bad daughter

My mom always wanted me to be a very kind hearted religious girl… I never paid heed to my mother’s wishes.

Concerns about my Muslim boyfriend’s relationship with his ex

I will never deny him the right he has as a father to his children – he should be there for them and help in raising them – but my issue is the amount of involvement he has with the so called ex wife.

Is it not meant to be for us?

If we ask Allah to give that person back to us but we don’t get them…?

how to patchup a relationship broken from my mistakes.

Now when I’ve realized I was wrong and I should mend things, she is done now. She left me and broke up so bad that I’ve been trying for the past week to convince her to give me one more chance, but she won’t agree and told me to f*** off. She told me she hates me, and said “you can’t make up for the 2 years you threw me away took me for granted”. Only ALLAH knows I’ve changed and realized my mistake and how every moment I was wrong. I want my chance to solve everything and to make her happy and mend things, but she is not agreeing.

So many mistakes, I have no idea how to set things straight again

I am a muslim girl but have been a very bad one for the past 4-5 years, though I always had my faith in Allah it was always on/off I guess the Satan came in the way too many times, I had been in a relationship with a muslim guy for 3 years we were in love but I had done other bad things before him as well…

Need help with Istikhara to make the right decision about my marriage.

Please guide me through this part since it’s about my marriage, life and divorce. Am I making the right decision to not to file for divorce eventhough my husband is insisting me for that? Am I on right path which is chosen by my lord Allah? After that night I started to think about my mistakes a lot and the desire to be with him is increasing day by day. I am not sure which way to follow. Please guide me through this dream.

My past is bothering my spouse & now he has changed towards me.

I am 21 years old, born and raised in Canada. My partner is also 21, He was born in Afghanistan, stayed there until he was 1 years old. Raised in Russia for a few years, then Dubai, Holland, then back to Afghanistan for 5 years. These 6 years were during his teen years, from age 14-20. Just a month after he turned 20, he came to the United States.