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Is his psychosis causing him to sin?

He says his mental condition of psychosis leads to all this, but I don’t believe him. He asked for forgiveness, so I forgave him. But living with him has become unbearable and I no longer trust him. What should I do?

I lied about the nude pic I sent him, now he hates me

We pray salat and read Quran. But 2 days ago my boyfriend saw that nude pic on a page and asked me if that was me. I was shattered because I had lied, so I told the truth that it’s n0t me and that I gave that pic because I didn’t want to hurt or lose him.

I don’t know what to do with my wife

One head tells me be patient and she will change, and other head tells me it will just get worse. But I cannot do anything because of the babies. I have thought many times and I believe now that if we didn’t have any children, maybe it would be better to divorce and finish it.

My father has problems with suspicion

The main issue that I need advice on is that despite all that my mother does for my father and grandparents, my father has these random bouts of paranoia. He starts imagining that my mother is talking to other men or she is flirting with other men.

She’s cheating on me, but promised to stop

I am really committed to a girl. We had sex, but she is having contact with some other boys also- I mean love affairs. I caught it, but now she is saying she has stopped all those and loves me only. Yet she is keeping distance from me also. What should I do now? -Rasheed

Husband’s porn habit is killing my confidence

I do not know what to do anymore. When I see these porn actors, especially the females, it makes me feel unattractive and look at myself in a different light. I have cried countless of times that his eyes would only be for me, but he sees other naked women and I just cannot accept that. I am deeply disturbed by it. I have come to a point where I am starting to take comfort in other men giving me their compliments or attention, but I believe this sort of need is due to my unfulfilled request that has sparked an insecurity within myself.

I love him, he’s married, and his wife is pregnant.

She is due, and he keeps saying “wait, I will tell her”, but I feel he is lying to me. This has broken me down mentally, and no matter what I do it isn’t enough. I have changed my life around for this man who has lied to me and hurt me, but he hasn’t walked away when I have hurt him. So does he want to be with me?

I want to give up; this pain is too much

I have fallen in love with a non-Muslim man who is Sikh. Both of us have strong feelings for each other, but I know this is also haram so we backed off. But if someone can treat you right, respect you and is willing to look after you your whole life, doesn’t that mean anything? I have never trusted a man in my life apart from him.

Violent husband who has trust issues

He has slapped me, mentally hurt me, and hit me a couple of times too. He has apologized for his behavior, but he ends up doing it again and says that it’s all my fault. I’m fed up now. I’m not sure what to do. I’m stuck inside the house and even then I’m pounded!

I’m heartbroken, and I think he owes me an explanation

Marriage was always a dream for me. I always wanted to be with someone, have my home and kids to raise them well. He destroyed my dream, my confidence, and ability to trust a guy in my life. It sucks because I’m the girl. I cannot propose to someone and easily get engaged again. I’m heart broken.