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Insecure and suspicious husband wants divorce

He is considering divorce. I have no idea what to do; maybe it is a punishment for the relationship I had with him prior to marriage. It will devastate my parents as they are really happy.

My father can’t get a job because of black magic

But may I get something to read from which black magic will be finished and the Asrat too? I also want to know what Allah says about black magic and what happened to those who did it and ask for black magic to be done in the history of Islam.

I lost the real me

I really hate myself for pushing people away that love me and then trying to bring in the people who don’t. I can’t handle all these pains in one go: mum’s health, family arguments, my broken heart and loneliness. I cry everyday while I pray during namaz; I can’t concentrate and I soon breakdown.

My husband is dominating, possessive, and mentally tortures me

My father made that pact after finding out that my husband had lied to all of us regarding his qualifications (the truth is he is not even 10th pass, and I have a master’s) and his family status. Even I was lied to, but I forgave him as I did marry him thru the court 2 years before our nikaah.

How do I know if he is sincere?

Dear Wael, I read in one of your posts, that if a girl was not a virgin and she was starting a new relationship she shouldn’t tell the man about it. I’m not a virgin but Thanks to ALLAh s.a.w. I’ve found a person who adores me and wants to marry me, and I’ve also told him about the truth.


I am seeking advice concerning getting extremely jealous. My wife and I have been married for a little over a year now and through our marriage I get extremely jealous at times which causes me to argue with her and I say some terrible things that I don’t mean and feel very bad after this happens.

Shes’ a wonderful woman but what is my problem and why does my jealousy come and go?

My fourth marriage is unravelling because of suspicion and lack of trust

I converted to Islam in Nov 2007, and had a real shaky time of it due to a brother who was only after sex and Mut’a (temporary marriage) because he was married to a woman in Morocco already. We had become very close as friends talking before ever meeting in person, and I had no idea that I would one day revert to Islam. After the initial marriage, we divorced, and married and divorced and then I found another man that I thought was a good man and would want me as his permanent wife only, but he wasnt willing to live in the States or make a plan for our life together. We divorced and then the first brother married me again.
I had lots of regrets for all of this, and I felt embarassed and disgusted and to top it off the first man lied to me about so many things, to manipulate me into only listening to him and doing what he wanted for his sick and perverted reasons.