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Fighting is tearing my husband’s family apart!

They are blaming me for everything and are spreading false accusations about me amongst their relatives. I’m really hurt by this. I always wanted to settle the dispute between them.

Really confused about this situation with interfering people?

would it be advisable to do isthikara or salat al hajah? I know Allah knows best and things happen for a reason but I am not sure on what to do right now. I feel deep down owe will overcome this and get married but I am not sure of that’s just what I want and thinking it is what’s going to happeN.

What shall I do to gain my husband´s trust?

My huband doesn´t trust me what ever I do or say he always thinks that I am a lier…….which I am not.

I caused her to break her engagement, but now I can’t marry her

I have been going through a mental torture for past one year. I caused a girl to break her engagement, but now my parents won’t let me marry her. No one is there to help me. I want to cease exist. Why on the earth is marriage made so miserable thing?