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I got intimate piercings and regret it!

They were done by a man… I hate myself so much for this. I don’t know how Allah can forgive me.


Is not wearing scarf sin or no?

My parents won’t let me wear hijab?!

My father says it’s oppressive.. My mother tells me it’s dangerous.. My siblings make fun of me.

Feeling lost and hopeless

My heart is now dark, I never repent because I know I don’t have that sincerity… I’m 14 and I wish I had never been born.

I don’t know whether Allah will forgive me or not?

I was 13… I am too much ashamed of it.

Double Standards with Muslim Men

I told him to go find someone with a big round butt like all the supermodels he keeps seeing on those stupid newspapers that he keeps reading so much. He says he would be glad to and why is he stuck with a “disgusting person like me”…

Should I reject him for his modesty?

Now, I have spoken with many guys before, but never have I met someone who is willing to approach me the Islamic way and show modesty to not only me but other women. Should I reject him because he is modest and shy around women?

Trying to avoid sinning – should I stop talking to my fiance?

How do I cut the contact I have with my fiance? I love him, I don’t want him to think I no longer have any interest in him, but I don’t want to be sinning by chatting with him on webcam.

How should my husband behave around female non-Muslim relatives?

I have a query about interaction with non Muslim relatives. My husband’s Aunty (his Mum’s sister) had converted to Hinduism and married a Hindu man. From that union they have daughters who are naturally Hindu.

Are my actions and dress sense haram?

I’m Zaynab I’m 14 I’m not that religious honestly but I am trying to be a better person I wear tight jeans with hijab and makeup but very light I do feel guilty