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Can I relax my clothing when I am home alone?

I’m a married woman and me and my hubby live at an apartment all alone. I pretty much stay at home all day long and do chores and all.

My mother in law wants me to wear abaya at home

Salaam aleykum,

Thank you all for helping me with my previous posts and I appreciate your understandin ! I wanted just to ask: is it needed to wear abaya in front of my in laws?

Writing a novel about a Muslim superhero

I am working on a novel, where one character, who I have tentatively dubbed Tazara Issa, is a devout girl who practices Islam. My novel revolves around a superhero/fantasy theme, where certain characters in Canada, all rather young, begin to gain powers, at the same time evil creatures of myth begin to return to the world. Five of these characters feel it to be their duty to protect people, including Tazara.

Is it haram to slow dance in front of people at my wedding?

Dancing and music is haram, but we all do it. Why should slow dancing at my wedding day be forbidden? Even if its only in front of other women? The only man present would be the groom.

I’m a girl in 9th grade, can I still wear skinny jeans to school?


I’m kinda new to this I’ve never done anything like this but I have so many questions regarding the hijab and stuff like that.

Attracted to my big brother’s wife

I told my brother “if you are not happy with your wife then give her to me because I don’t mind marrying her.” After that, my big brother took me wrong & we end up having fight. Then my sister in law was saying I love your big brother & I never think of getting married with you.