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Quit the bad habits but the drive is driving me crazy and I want to get married

I could so easily get a girlfriend and do all what I want with her, but when I try doing it the halal way, rejection is all what I get.

Husband on drugs

Without home, food, money how can I raise my daughter?

We want to get married but his parents are against us

His parents is against us because they are now facing some financial problems.

We are 8 sisters 2 are married after father’s death – will the inheritance differ in 2 daughters’ case?

Why can’t the distribution be done after all the expenses of me and my sister’s marriage is done…?

Evil eye (nazar) and financial issues

It’s due to the nazar evil eyes on our money that our conditions have become so bad that father is not able to pay his debts.

Black listed because of family

I have a good relationship with my in-laws but we have two sons and I have to think for them too.

Help regarding making a decision to get married

I find that every time we try to move forward, we take a hundred steps back.

Heading for divorce

I just can’t stop crying because the guy I married was meant to be my support system but I’m feeling more alone than ever.


My father had no will nor instructed me to distribute it in a certain way…

Is it okay to marry the same person twice?

Can we marry each other with the presence of the bride’s adult brother and sisters and then once again before our parents?