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We have endured lifelong abuse from our father…

Also most painfully I have begun to feel resentment towards my mother may Allah forgive me… it pains me she turned a blind eye to our abuse as children, she tries now, but sometimes I feel it’s because I complain to her so much.

What are my Islamic rights as a working woman?

Due to his request my ATM card is with my husband. Is it allowed for him to take money from me for household expenses?

My husband is stubborn

Now I know my hubby can’t afford a house as he is jobless but my dad offered him to ask for months and search a house. He didn’t agree.

Wife not allowing sex because I can’t afford her

My wife cleared all my bills with her credit card… But after that she has stopped sex with me until I get back in a financial position to afford her

My mom’s in love with another man

They started to fall in love. Meanwhile my mom’s relationship with my dad was getting destroyed.

I want to leave him

Sometimes his words make me attempt suicide. I want to leave him. I think he doesn’t love me now. I hate him.

Did my in laws marry their daughter off for money?

Recently I got a divorce my wife after a marriage that lasted only 2 years. I miss her so much much. I miss her not being here. Do you think Allah has a something better for me in life?

Can I divorce my husband if he won’t support me financially?

If my husband won’t financially support us, even though he has plenty of money, can I divorce him?

Should I leave my husband?

I have been married for 15 years to my husband and have two daughters. It was a arranged marriage to my cousin and from day one he made me aware that his family were far more important, I wanted children straight away but he didnt he said it would increase our bills..

My Marriage is falling apart over money

I have been married to my husband for about 8 months but we did not move in together till a few months ago because I have a daughter and it was a case of relocating. Unfortunately we have been plagued by so many problems (some due to the pressure of events in my life) but now that I have moved in with him, we have spent most of that time unhappy and displeased with one another.