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Married with a young son, and treated badly

Now my parents decided that when my in laws or husband will come here for me, then they will ask for divorce. After all when he has not proven ever a husband nor ever fulfill my requirements, then there is no need to stay with him for whole life. I cannot live without him as I love him so much.

Financial issues are causing problems in our marriage

Now that I work I pay half the bills, grocery and other things my son might need. I get no pocket money at all unless I ask… On top of that he doesn’t help round the house “cos that’s not his job”.

Would a bank loan be permissible in this situation?

My son had an accident. He is in hospital. I’ve spent a lot of money on his treatment and the hospital requires more money.

In a Big Dilemma!

I fear a life of great difficulty… I know in Islam, Allah tests us with hardship, but being on the streets is scary. Please help me! I’m scared!

Deaf Lady in Distress

My heart has got weaken and weaken. I am worried about my mother and the future.

Brother in law causing problems

We are all Muslim and I have a feeling this is all haram to put a wife through such pain, hurt and financial abuse.

Groom couldn’t afford walima

The bride’s family asked us not to worry about the expenditure – they will take care of it. Is this allowed?

Do I have to support my lazy father who doesn’t work?

I don’t mind supporting my mom but I hate the fact the money I work so hard to make and send is wasted on nonsense. I want to tell my dad it’s enough now… he should go find work.

My husband steals and cheats to save money… And now he’s shop-lifted!

I don’t know how he looks at himself in the mirror after what he did. The rest was already enough, but shoplifting? I can’t help but not be able to trust him much after that.

Wife and daughters supporting family when husband chooses not to work

I don’t think it’s fair that we have to pay when my father chooses not to work