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Issues with mother in law

She moans a lot all night while being physical… it’s awkward and embarrassing.

Forced to choose between my husband and my siblings

Many times my husband drives me out of the house. Now he is asking me not to visit my brothers and sisters.

Three months of marriage ending….Help!

This is the fourth time they told me to leave the house. They told me things like my father passed away as a punishment from Allah. My husband said things like Allah punished my mother for making a child like myself and took my father away.

My mother in law is trying to control my life!

Before marriage my husband mother says that they have some financial problem so they could not do their kitchen separately but after five months of marriage they will surely do it buy now it had become more then three years they have not gone separately. My mum in law wants to control me and my husband..

Mother in law spent the inheritance and claims for money monthly.

what is the law in Islam, when a wife ( a mother in law) took all the wealth of her deceased husband, and leave only little ( about 5%) to her seven sons. She spent the money on clothes, jewellaries…

Mother in law feels I stole her son

I have been married since october last year and live with my in laws, my husband is the eldest and there are a few other kids after him, he is the only one married and she is a widow for the past 12 years therefore she basically brought her kids up alone..

My mother has screwed up my marriage, help.

Please advise, my marriage was arranged. I am married for the last 6 years. I have been living a happy married life because my wife loves me, takes good care of me, kids and home.
My mother started creating issues since the birth of first baby and gave a real hard time to wife in my absense. I came to know about many cases after a long time as wife did not want to raise issues,..

My mother in law accused me of talking to her daughter’s husband

A couple of months ago my mother in law accused me of talking to her daughter’s husband in front of my dad, husband, kids and my brother. Which is tottaly un true. I’m on so many depression pills. I used to look up to her cause she prays. I still am trying my best to forgive her but somehow I can’t. Its like I don’t want to talk to her.

Can my husband divorce me because his mother required it ?

I am convert to Islam for 3 years and I have a big problem with my mother-in-law. We had issues over broken things that she says she cannot be replaced ever. She regards these things as naama from Allah subhana wa Taala and she accused me of many things with hatred towards me, exaggerating stuff and saying I stole from her and that I am irresponsible. I will tell u more about my situation.