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Emotionally abusive mom

She will never be able to get over this overweight issue, and she will never understand that this life is very short before our bodies are destroyed in the grave. She will always be critical of culinary skills, although our Prophet (S) said that a few bites are more than enough to stand straight.

Wazifa for making his mother agree for me and making our love stronger

When he spoke to his mother for us she denied. Please help. As we had intercourse and don’t want this to be sin.

Concerns on Becoming a Second Wife

I cannot ask him to divorce his first wife to get married to me. Plus, being the only child, my mom is not agreeing to get me married to this man with 2 kids.

My mother got a negative isteqara for me but I didn’t

There is nothing negative against the guy except for the isteqara dreams. My mother is pretty adamant because going for this guy is going against Allah’s will and nothing good can ever come out of it.