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Her mother is rejecting

Her mother and 2 of her sisters are against me without any valid reason.

My mother being the dominant one is not agreeing for my choice of marriage

Can my mother force me to marry someone I don’t want to? If I get my father to agree can I marry the guy I want to marry?

His mum won’t agree even though I am willing to convert

She has not met me at all. She has told him that he has to marry his cousin and leave me.

Wanna get married but family make it hard

My mom wants me to marry a guy of her choice and not somebody I want. She would tell me to pick him or her, which is a tough question because I love both of them dearly.

My mother is confused about a proposal for me

One day she is agreeing to it next she isn’t, and if anything it is messing with my mind and emotions…..please do help me guys!

Mother won’t approve this marriage

My father has approved of him but my mother has not because of his tribe.

Mother is denying this marriage

I do not wish to marry without my mother’s approval, but I can not help but think that these reasons that she is denying my cousin are not legitimate.

Mother dictating who I’m allowed to marry

I’m made out to be the bad person, the cold one and it’s becoming a point where living in this house is becoming very difficult.

I’ve finally found a practising Muslim man… But my family don’t want me to marry him unless he changes his name

I tried hard to convince my family for him as he is the guy for me. My mother’s stand is clear. She can’t trust a revert Muslim; he can go back to his basics anytime. He was supposed to change his name but suddenly informed me that he has changed his mind. Every moment my mind and heart is torn.

Mother doesn’t allow me to marry my cousin who I have loved for 17 years.

my cousin told me her parents are looking for a good boy to marry with her i became frustrated and i told my mother that i love my cousin but she say i will never allow you to marry her she is not a good girl