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Please Help Me

I really really want to change. Can someone please help me and give me advice?

My mom wants me to get an abortion

I am a muslim pregnant by a non muslim. My mom wants me to get an abortion but i Don’t want to. I love my boyfriend and am willing to have his baby. My mom says she will curse me if i choose to have this baby. I am scared of the curse and the […]

My mother made me promise not to contact him

We became more than friends. For about a year we were together but then my mother found out.

Please make Dua for my mother

My mother who is in her late 40’s is suffering from Alzheimers.

I am not able to forgive myself for my behavior…

What I did and said is killing me so much for doing this to my mother, under whose feet is jannah and who Allah has commanded to be kind to.

My mother is forcing me to wear short clothes!

I want to wear hijab. She wants me to wear short dresses, shorts with short sleeves top and even push-up bras. What should I do? I’m earning so many sins.

Problems with my mother

There are some of our relatives which gives my mother wrong guidance and my mother follows them.

My mother is becoming so unreasonable – I don’t know what to do

Is it alright for a mother to do anything that she wants, just because she is a mother? She never listens to anyone, she thinks that only she is right and can never tolerate any confrontation.

Would it be a sin to miss Taraweeh Prayer?

My mother is sick and very weak. All these years I have gone on Taraweeh. But my mother says now not to go to the masjid and pray but be with her.

I can’t forget my mother’s actions in my childhood

My mom has been through so much… But I was small and things happened one after one. It changed her obviously, she used get very angry and violent when I was young…