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Want to marry a Muslim man but I’m scared

And if one day he wants me to go to his country how can I protect myself of being treat as a slave and kept there as a prisoner?

Why is it haram if we love each other?

Nothing in my Christian faith says that I can not marry the woman I love, why is it such a horrible thing in Islam for us to be together?

A Muslim male and a Christian female

Is this ok in islam??? Will the male be committing sin for participating? And also would be wrong to attend a wedding like this if you yourself are muslim?

Muslims man marry to a Christian girl

Tell me the all procedure. How we can marry and how we register.

Will my in-laws accept my religion?

I am a Christian man married to a wonderful Muslim woman. How do we tell her parents?

A muslim girl and christian guy?

We plan to get married. How should I break it to my parents?

Can being a second wife affect our Christian-Muslim marriage?

I am a Filipina and I am having Jordanian (Muslim) boyfriend. I would like to ask how is the ceremony done?

Muslim guy want to marry a Christian but parents won’t allow

She is ready to follow Islam and our children will follow Islam too.

We want to get married – what problems will we face?

Since she is from different religion, divorced, different country. I am confused what are all the problems in front of me religious wise and family wise…

Can Muslim Men Marry with Christian lady with all respect?

Assalam o Alaikum, Can Muslim Men Marry with Christian lady with all respect? Please advise me in the light of Quran and Sunnah. She respects all the points of islam and is showing interest in Islam. Jazakallah, -muhammad farhan