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I was told to change my baby’s name, Sajdaa

I have a baby girl and her age is 2 years. We choose ‘SAJDAA’ as her name. But recently I was informed that to change this name.

Need your advice regarding naming my baby

I need some suggestions regarding naming baby boy…

How do I convince my in-laws that it is not mandatory to change my name to revert to Islam?

But my in-laws now say that unless I change my name, I cannot be a true muslimah. I believe in Allah and I know that Islam is not just for arabs, but for the entire humanity. My name is not offensive to Allah, the prophet or Islam, so why can’t I keep it?

Is this the right name?

I have named my son Abu Bakar, I want your opinion on this.

Are Kabir or Kian valid muslim names?

I want to keep the name as Kabir but someone told me that it is not correct to keep that name as it is a name of Allah . So I should prefix with Abdul Kabir etc. Is Kian a valid muslim name ?

Is Amila a Muslim name?

Is Amila a Muslim name meaning hopeful? How do you pronounce it? Like Aah-me-la or A-mee-la? Also, is the book “Dictionary of Muslim Names” by S. A. Rahman a reliable source for Muslim names?

Can I Name My Daughter: Lila?

Can I name my daughter Lila? I’ve read it is a variation of the name Laila, is this correct?

What will be my surname after I convert and get married to a Muslim man?

I am a Hindu but I will convert to Islam soon because I will be getting married to a Muslim. We are now searching for an Islamic name for me. Right now we have chosen AARA but I want to know what will my surname be after marriage?? My fiancé’s name is AARASH KHAN so will my name be AARA AARASH KHAN or will it be AARA KHAN after marriage, please advise because I don’t want to keep my father’s name with me after converting due to some personal issues.

Names and Luck

Can her name and my name have any influence on how good she would be to me?

Having the surname Mohammed

I have a query that I hope someone can help me with please. My surname / family name is Mohammed (PBUH), and very recently a couple of people have mentioned to me that you should not use the Prophet’s (SAW) name as your surname / last name.

I know this is not mentioned in the Quran, but I am sensing that it may be a school of thought for SOME. I have tried asking for the rationale behind this but I do not get very clear direction – I’ve heard that it is seen as “dis-respectful” or that it is “unlucky”. That latter seems to have superstition at it’s root rather than being cited within Islam, so not a strong enough reason for me. As for the former, I always felt that it was a good and honourable thing, rather than dis-respectful.