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I married a Muslim girl the Hindu way, now our families are keeping us separate


Firstly I would like to say that I would not want to hurt any one’s religious sentiments.

I have been in love with a Muslim girl for last 3 years. She was very pretty and beautiful. We loved each other very much. But due to her family, her life was threatened and she became in danger.

Parents have estranged me after converting to Islam

Assalamu alaikum.
I belonged to a traditional Hindu family and was very religious since childhood, am the eldest daughter with two sisters and a brother. I stayed away from my parents mostly for studies but used to miss them a lot.

I am in love with a Muslimah and want to marry her.

I am in love with a muslimah and she loves me, we are living in different countries, but try to visit each other when we can. I feel we cannot marry as both of us are full time students in our respective countries (england and spain) and don’t have the needs to support ourselves.

Will I be allowed to marry him?

I am very respectful of my parents, so I understand that my partner would not want to do anything to upset his family, but it hurts me when he tells me that he does not know if we would be able to marry and I know he has doubts perhaps because of our different backgrounds.

Muslim girl married to Hindu Boy

If a Muslim girl married to a Hindu Boy and living with him from 4 years while she regular pray Namaz and keep Roza. If she is allowed to do so..

Having both a Muslim-Christian wedding ceremony, is it forbidden?

I am a Christian woman marrying an Muslim man. We initially wanted to have 1 ceremony that his Imam would preside over first and then after that ceremony is over, my minister would take us through a Christian ceremony…

Can a Muslim Christian Marriage work?

I love a Christian girl and we both love each other and she is ready to be involved in a relationship regardless of my religion. I have known her for a few years and she is a religious girl

I want my non-muslim husband to convert to Islam.

My husband and I are both 23. He is hindu and I am muslim. Before we got married we decided that if we had children, they would be taught each religion. I had my doubts about this but eventually I agreed to it..

Can I marry my Christian girlfriend online?

Can I marry my girlfriend online? She is a Christian woman and I am Muslim.

Can my non-Muslim friend fast for one day in Ramadan

My non muslim friend asked if he could keep a fast for one day during ramadan. He wanted to feel what muslims feel. Also he wanted to keep fast as a mark of respect for a muslim friend of his…