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I need help with my mother in law

My husband does not speak up for me. He stays quiet when his mother swears at me and calls me disgusting names. I am very worried she may have done black magic or something similar.

She won’t marry me because I called her names.

But now she has changed saying “I will not marry you or anyone else, I would rather stay home and look after my parents and not get married”, and the she would say “I swear on my granddads grave”. I think its because all the nasty things I been saying to her. She did say once that was the reason, that I called her slag and stuff.

My husband tells me I am not good enough, should I leave?

I am a 24-year-old married girl. It was an arranged marriage. And it seems he was forced to marry me by his mom though he doesn’t have any love affair as such.My husband repeatedly says he regrets this marriage and colours of his life has vanished?

My husband calls me fat and alienates my friends

assalaamu walaikum Iam married and we have been going through a lot in the past three years but this is our first year of marriage. yet i feel like my husband is destroying me mentally because of some of the things he does. like for instance i have a medical condition in which my medication made me gain a lot of weight. he callls me fat all the time and makes me insecure about it.