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Validity of My Name According to Islam

My surname is one of the names of Allah. I’m very confused about what I’m supposed to do.

Name change in Islam after father left me

The reason I am asking this is because it has a psychological impact on me when I see or hear my father’s name because of his past and what he has done to my mother.

Baby name – Oula

Is this acceptable as a middle name?


Can I name my son this?

I’m converting to Islam – do I have to change my name?

My name means “miracle” and I believe if your name does not go against Islam you do not need to change it?

Name meaning?

I like the name but if it does have a negative meaning then I’d want to change it.

Need your advice regarding naming my baby

I need some suggestions regarding naming baby boy…

Tell me girls name for istikharah

I am Asad *** from ***** . I am pakistani. I want to ask name for my Baby by ISTAKHARA.

Name of new born baby girl

born on 7-ziqad 1432 6th oct..

My mother in law says she will be angry with her son till the day of judgement if we don’t name after my late father inlaw

i am now pregnant with my second child and allahu a’lam its a boy, my mother in law is already saying if i dont name after my father in law who has been deceased for over 25 years, she will be angry (ghadbana) with her son till eternity.