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Need ruling on naming children after step-grandfather

Should we spend the hundreds of dollars required to change the surname of our children to make things right? Or is my husband correct?

I need suggestion and help…

After 7 months of engagement, he comes back and says that he just wants to be friends with me…

Name changing when converting

Recently I moved to a Muslim area and some local Muslims have been bashing me saying its haram and that its a very big sin.

Need your advice regarding naming my baby

I need some suggestions regarding naming baby boy…

How do I convince my in-laws that it is not mandatory to change my name to revert to Islam?

But my in-laws now say that unless I change my name, I cannot be a true muslimah. I believe in Allah and I know that Islam is not just for arabs, but for the entire humanity. My name is not offensive to Allah, the prophet or Islam, so why can’t I keep it?

Names and Luck

Can her name and my name have any influence on how good she would be to me?

I want to know the meaning of my name “domiana”

I want to know the meaning of my name “domiana”.

I am a convert from christian to muslim.

Name for my son

I wanted to know if I can name my soon to be born: NABI or NABIULLAH. Any insight on this topic would help.

Meaning of the name Shazrah?

My daughter’s name is ‘Shazrah’ and I want to know the exact meaning of the name, and whether this name is appropriate Islamic name or do we have to change it?

Do I have to Change my name when I convert to Islam?

My question is about changing my name, my name means ” celestial damsel ” its a Hindu name….