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My Narcissistic boyfriend won’t let me go…I feel trapped

Should I say “I wear hijab now so can you take those pictures down?” He said he has them for his memory only, so why post? Should I just not say anything and maybe block him for a few weeks?

How to deal with evil mother and sister

I come from a family made dysfunctional due to my mother, who is an extreme case of a Narcissistic Personality disordered mother.

I am feeling suicidal, please save me (CLOSED)

I have posted before. Yes a I have many good responses. I saw a psychologist. She is very good but when it comes to Islamic laws she’s a bit vague.

Forgiveness for misbehaving with parents

A few weeks ago my mom came screaming at me and threatening to hit me. I pushed her away with the intention of hurting her. When she lies, I feel furious and I condemn her in a loud voice. I know this is all wrong. In the moment of anger, I say harsh things, and later I feel horribly guilty and regretful.

I feel guilty to marry after sinning.

He used to say to me that I had to send him photos of me being ashamed. Now the biggest sin which I have done is that I sent him nude photos, plus he used to do sexting. I tried to avoid it, but he said he’d leave me if I didn’t listen to him and if I wouldn’t be involved. Being frightened to lose him I used to say ok then.