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Cultural parents not allowing me to marry Latino convert sister

I have came to know of a convert Muslim sister that is looking for marriage. After speaking to my mother about getting married to this convert who is of Hispanic origin, my mother was quick to shoot down that suggestion because she is not of “our” culture.

I am confused, made a mess with my life

I recently turned to Islam and I realised how much sin I have commited in my life. I am ashamed to the point that I don’t know how to repent. I really hate myself and I really want to change my life around.

His family don’t know I’m his wife, so I allowed him to re-marry. But he won’t treat us equally.

I was a single parent when my husband married me. My family knows about it but his family don’t know. He cannot tell them because we are different nationalities and his family especially his mom will not accept.

I agreed for him to marry again because I didn’t have the right to say no. The problem is that because his family doesn’t know that he is married already, he will be unfair with me regarding equality of wives.