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We think my sister has been Jadoo’d

We think that her husband has put Jadoo on her as his family hate my Father. We do not know what to do…

How should I approach marriage with an std?

The time nears closer and closer and I need advice…

Negative Istekhara

The wedding was called off. Was it right?

Confused with the reply

Should I ask her family to do istikhara again?

In love and desperate for sex

I have two big problems which are driving me crazy.

Marriage Istekhara by Mother / Evil Asraat

Since I’m doing many istekharas from some mufti as well but never comes positive for anyone and upon asking he said I got some evil Asraat and no matter what or how many times I’ll do it will come negative until I get free of these asraat.

Relation in Turmoil

She asked her friend to do Istekhaara and that came out wrong… so in the light of that, she texted me that marriage cannot happen as a istekhaara came out this way.

Did our previous acts cause our negative istikhara?

I have been in love with a man for the past six years… I only reverted to Islam recently. He performed istikhara to see if we can be together in the future in a pure and proper way.

Negative istikhara but we still want to get married

Istikhara was done by mufti saab and the answer came no… but I still want to marry him. Can I lie to my dad saying the answer came yes?

Istikhara about Marriage

I found that I got sick after our engagement. My isthikhara also came negative I think. Do you think these are both related?