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Negative Istikhaara For Marriage.

Her family had no option and agreed for our marriage with the condition that they will do istakhara… it was NEGATIVE. They went to some consultant who said “The girl and boy name does not match either”.

What to do after a Negative Istikhara

There is nothing stopping us from committing to each other other than the Istikhara he has seen on both occasions. What can we do to overcome this? Can this be overcome so we can be married?

I feel lonely in this marriage, what should I do?

S.A. I was very happy when I came across this website, inshallah with Allah’s help, I am hoping to get some advices or guidance inshallah.

I have been married to my husband for over 11 yrs., and we have 3 lovely children mash Allah. Since the beginning my husband was a bit away from me, I never felt very close

Can I pray namaaz hajaat to ask Allah for this guy?

I have known a guy from past 13 years..we both wanted to get married but his parents were against this marriage due to certain reasons..after one year they agreed and said that they would first like to get istekhara done so they got it done from a maulvi ,he did for 3 days and it came out negative…

He is giving up proposal due to negative Istikhara

I´m in love with a guy who has expressed the same feelings for me.

Everything was done between our families but now they have seen Istikhara and had a bad dream so they don´t want to proceed up with this overture. At our place