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I’m so confused about my husband’s intentions, should I seek Khula?

My husband agreed to paid the mahr/dowry as soon as we would get home at the time of our nikah but he refused to paid when we got home excusing his financial position that our nikah still valid as the condition isn’t fulfilled?

Can I divorce my husband due to his absence and neglect?

I married my huband five years back, the first two yrs of my marriage were marital bliss then just after my first son was born, my husband was offered a job in UAE and he left. It has been more than 2.5 years now he has not called me there.

Am I wrong for wanting to leave my loveless marriage?


I have been married for the past 18 years it was an arranged marriage. I have struggled with my feelings for such a long time and tried and prayed to Allah (SWT) to help me love my husband but it has never happened.

I can’t carry on in this loveless marriage

I need some guidance. I was a orphan child and my aunty brought me up and at the age of 16 she wanted me to marry her brother’s son. I wasn’t happy about it and she emotionally blackmailed me and took me to Pakistan .

My husband is having a relationship with his parents instead of me

My husband is Muslim and I am Christian. When we got married, I converted to Islam just to please him only to realize that it was a mistake. He told me that I just needed to convert to please his parents but didn’t need to practice the religion. I tried however to pray and practice the religion but did not get any fullfilment because of our other cultural differences.

My father in Law is a controlling bully

I was married in June 2008. My wife’s parents home is nearly 18 hrs journey from my house. In spite of this long journey, my wife used to visit her parents after every 10 days. She stays there for nearly a month, she comes back for a week or 10 days to my house and again she goes back

Can I seek divorce from my neglectful husband?

Assalamu alaikum,

I am in need of advice about my marriage. My husband married me about 3 years ago in his country. I am from USA and I now know he has only married me to relocate. I have not filed for him to get a permanent residency card and so now he has decided that he does not want to live with me unless I file his papers.